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About Us

With over 30 years of sterling experience in logistics management, our CEO has journeyed from ground operations to becoming a pivotal Logistics Manager for an esteemed American Greetings company.

From there, the expedition took a turn towards business development – championing projects for leading freight forwarders and carriers, shaping the logistics industry with every mile travelled.

Who We Are:

At EET OPS, We don’t just handle logistics, we strategize and optimize. Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or a Fortune 500 titan, our expertise molds the best strategy to enhance and monetize your logistics services.

Fourth-party logistics, or 4PL, is a supply-chain operating model in which a business outsources its logistics along with its entire logistics management to an external service provider. 4PL logistics are also known as lead logistics providers that take care of all the distribution chain and logistics activities and monitor the supply chain’s operational and financial efficiency. A 4PL logistics is a single point of contact for an organization’s transit management and shoulder responsibilities like managing infrastructure, resources, and technology, required to manage supply chain operations. 4PL logistics companies leverage technology to plan, execute, and conduct compliance monitoring for their client’s chain of supply.

Our Motto?

No Excuses, Get It Done!
It’s not just a philosophy; it’s our commitment to ensuring your products move seamlessly, efficiently, and on time. Every single time.